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Since 1961 Ceramica Rondine has produced porcelain tile floors that are 100% made in Italy.Creative solutions for ceramic floor and wall coverings are expressed with the elegance of the most refined marbles, the age-old charm of stone, the natural warmth of wood, the material appearance of terracotta, the seduction of the sophisticated nuance of colour, and the touch of rough or smooth surfaces for all internal and external environments. These collections come in a wide range of formats, ideal for anyone looking for the most suitable classic and modern design solutions for living areas or business environments.
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Infusion was born from the recovery of a mountain hut and it is an unusual mix of wood and concrete. This collection was inspired by the chic industrial style that, with its three different colors, can be used in several environments, from the most modern to the most classic. The combination between concrete and wood creates continuity between floor and wall covering. This is the reason why Infinity is a versatile and easy to match series.


The “Skyline” series interprets the traditional appearance of the brick, declined in modern solid colors. The innovative thickness of only 6 mm allows a faster installation, even when overlapping a previous covering. The glossy surface and the different structures that characterize the product enrich the ever-changing evocative nuances, making it able to adapt to residential as well as commercial solutions.


The “Lyon” series from Rondine was freely inspired by a French stone, which is deconstructed here in a new three-dimensional project. The extremely structured appearance of the 15×61 allows you to recreate walls of great charm, giving the environment a modern and classic look at the same time.


Inspired by the ancient consular road from which it takes its name, the Aurelia series is dedicated to outdoor flooring, and recalls the classic “sampietrino” in porphyry, on a 60x60cm porcelain stoneware slab with a thickness of 2 cm. Suitable for endless solutions for covering floors in large public spaces, from retail outlets to seaside resorts, as well as for use in residential and commercial spaces for avenues, terraces, swimming pools edges, courtyards, Aurelia allows you to recreate the same textures of traditional city floors, thanks to the peacock tail design and the extraordinary realistic appearance of the surface.


Emilia, takes its name from the ancient Via Emilia founded more than 2,000 years ago by the Roman consul Marco Emilio Lepido, and is the result of the union between thick porcelain stoneware, the classic shape of the block and the variety of colors and micaceous effects of the quartzite. As the origin of the name suggests, is a series of particular relevance: high technical characteristics, driveability and frost resistance make it ideal for multiple uses, while the chromatic effects that shine in the sunlight give this stone effect an unmistakable beauty.


With Gioia 3D wall, the marble effect continues to amaze with its veins faithfully reproduced in a three-dimensional version. This stunning collection represents the perfect combination of practicality and design for modern spaces with a sophisticated flavor. Ideal for modernizing a studio, elegant bedroom or refined bathroom, Gioia 3D wall tiles are the optimal result of the union between the safety and practicality of porcelain stoneware and the timeless beauty of marble.
All the realism of the marble stone available in five different shades, in the 15×61 format, and with a thickness ranging from 7 to 11 mm to create scenographic rooms.

Bristol Brick

Italy’s Ceramica Rondine has developed a new ceramic floor and wall collection recalling the look of the walls in open brickwork typical of a number of cities, with a hand-crafted feel that reflects the industrial development of the cities. The cosmopolitan air of Bristol, with a wealth of traces of the city’s post-industrial heritage, is reflected in Bristol Brick. The allure, feel and urban spirit of bricks springs back to life in this porcelain stoneware, with a sophisticated new mood enhanced with retro details from this leading-edge ceramic technology. As well as the classic 6×25 size, choose from 34×34, 17×34, 60.5×60.5 and 60×60 rectified sizes to create stylish brickwork surfaces on both floors and walls, indoors and out.


A scenic effect unaltered in time, a play of light and shadow created by the stone bas-reliefs, a sculptural beauty in tune with contemporary architecture.

New York Brick

The atmosphere of the Big Apple and the alluringly raw details that distinguish the most characteristic neighbourhoods of New York all spring to life, thanks to this collection that takes a trip through the a metropolis that is an icon of industrial chic. Classic colours – white, almond, black and grey – make for a fresh, stylishly contemporary look, thanks to a ceramic surface that renders a chalky, matt effect able to emulate the elegant facades of Brooklyn Heights, or one of the classiest brownstone neighbourhoods of the Upper East Side. And it is thanks to the effort invested in research and development, geared towards defining a new glaze with a striking material impact, an authentic concentrate of technology, that the metropolitan look takes possession of the walls in the 6×25 size.

Pietre Di Fiume

Technology turns into nature to create new sensations, design combines with colour to take us to a super tactile and softly structured dimension.

Wall Art

The warmth of wood and the most modern design of 3D coverings gives new life to each wall in the house. Comes in 150x610mm size.