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At Quintessenza, a manufacturer based in Fiorano, Italy, their aim is to express sensations, feelings and styles through the language of ceramic art. They combine shapes, colours and finishes to awaken curiosity in the observer. They embarked on a voyage in search of opposites, minimalism and decoration, sophistication and simplicity, chiaroscuro, light and shade, patterns and geometrical rigour. Quintessenza strives to propose pathways and new ideas, but the underlying intention is to transfix the observer and unleash his or her creative energy. Their mission is to engender emotion.

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Riquadri is an Italian made wall tile with an artisanal feel, and colour nuances that give this line a truly unique aesthetic. Emphasizing its rectangular shape.


These stunning triangular wall tiles are available in six base colours and four metallics. Together these can be used to create a stunning array of patterns and designs, all with a fresh modern and funky feel.


The Frammenti collection is an original interpretation of the classic Venetian paving effect, available in two alternative shapes (10x50cm strip and 10x60cm lozenge) that encapsulate exceptional aesthetic beauty and artistic merit. The elegance of the four colours (bianco, perla, grigio, blu) and the more than twenty graphic skins exalt the white fragments until they assume the appearance of shards of light embedded in the base. A unique and original product with a dynamic elongated hexagon shape that’s perfect for floor and wall coverings with a vast range of modular laying solutions.From the minimal and stylish herringbone effect to creative uses of the colour mix or the formation of refined and rigorously classic coffered patterns.


The Fuoricittà collection, available in the 7x28cm size with five cool tones (ghiaccio, grigio chiaro, grigio medio, grigio scuro) and two warm tones (sabbia, terra), plays with the fundamentals of graphics and structure to create a remarkable porcelain tile that is combinable in infinite moods to create refined and essential indoor and outdoor surfaces. The Confini decor of this collection features a variety of coloured triangles that impart depth and brilliance to the product. The three accent tiles (ghiaccio. blu, ghiaccio.beige and sabbia) and the ten different graphic versions bring versatility to the covering, extending the spaces in which the shiny effect can interact with natural and artificial light to enhance the structure of the surface.


The power of colour comes together with sophisticated patterning for a mix & match solution for functional surfaces. In this collection, Quintessenza proposes the hexagon shape (17×15 cm), in pop art colours and high impact geometrical patterns, ideal for combining into an infinite variety of decorative coverings. Graphic and textured influences for creating compositions to suit any mood or setting.


The charm of worn wood. Quintessenza Ceramiche’s Porticciolo collection evokes the beauty of imperfection in a series of tiles with an aged aesthetic. The colours of wood, with shading and scratch effects, act like small brush strokes to create a fascinating painterly effect. The markings and natural veining of wood evoke seaside bathing establishments, decorated by their exposure to the sun and sea. The result is an unexpected style characterised by the Brezza di Mare and Brezza di Terra nuances and three plain colours (bianco, beige & grigio), available in the 5×25 cm size with a matt finish.