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Unicomstarker has been recognized for years for the outstanding quality of its products.


The philosophy of the Italian group is based on cutting edge technological research and a sure sense of beauty and style.
Internationally known for their constant attention to the latest trends in interior design and excellent technical performance makes its products suitable for all type of architectures – either residential or commercial buildings – for interior or exterior arrangements.


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From industrial districts to traditional homes, passing through the most significant contemporary architectures, DEBRIS narrates every element of urban history, offering it to the whole world in this essential and extremely versatile range.




Born to be integrated in contemporary contexts, as well as combined with traditional materials in restoration of the architecture of the past, the Evostone collection is presented in several formats and enriched by a special finish that enhances its surface.



Pietra di Gré

Pietra di Gré is a reproduction of Lombard stone, Ceppo di Gré River stone from the Lombardy region in Italy.




Cosmic collection is inspired by the Cosmic stone of Italy.




Board collection shows with five nuances the materical mood and the texture of the natural slate reproduced with the perfection of the ceramic technology.




Unicomstarker pursuits its original research and interpretation of natural stone. 3 shades of gray, 3 different surfaces.




This Reverie collection is the new project from Unicom Starker, that reinterprets the classic and contemporary Cementine, creating a new style in chromatic colours.




Seamless collection for uses in housing environments, bathrooms or refined commercial locations as well as public spaces.




12_catalogo_serie_renaissanceThe Renaissance series is a rectified porcelain tile that is an almost perfect replica of crosscut Italian travertine. The subtle tones and variations in this collection will create a classic, elegant and understated décor, just like the natural stone.




13_cat_STONEWAVEBased on a natural stone found in Switzerland and Northern Italy that contains veining of smoky quartz. Unlike the natural stone, which is extremely fragile, this porcelain tile is extremely durable (R11). Available in four subtle, modern industrial colours, Stonewave will fit with any décor and add instant style and sophistication.




The Cabane collection from Unicom Starker provides a new interpretation of wood with a strong, expressive effect. Its authentic character is expressed in stylish elements thanks to the signs and scratches that add body and textures making every tile a unique piece. Six shades explore the warm colours of nature making its delicate hues undisputed stars of contemporary living.



2 Thick Range

1_cat_2thickThese 20mm paver stone tiles are based on the very popular Quartzite and Stonewave series and have an extraordinary resistance to stress and weathering making them perfect for outdoor use. They can be laid using the floating method; dry-lay technique; traditional laying on screed or floating on pedestal supports. Easy-to-install, 2Thick are weatherproof and thermal shock resistant, fire-proof, resistant to rupture load and stress and resistant to wear caused by high-traffic. They are easy to clean and to care for, have an anti-slip surface and can be removed, re-used and reinstalled. These features make them ideal for pathways, terraces, balconies, roof gardens, courtyards, pool decks and carports. Available in all six colours.