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Supergres produces floor tiles for indoor and outdoor application as well as wall coverings for kitchens and bathrooms, mainly for residential buildings.


These are top quality ceramic collections able to meet different needs in terms of aesthetic appeal and technological performance. A broad range of surfaces are available which perfectly mix with today’s and tomorrow’s lifestyles – classic, romantic, contemporary or minimalist solutions that are always characterised by balance, elegance and harmony.


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Purity of Marble

The nobility of marble and the refinement of coloured veining find their perfect balance in Purity of Marble. A project range complete with porcelain stoneware and white body walltiles that uses ceramics to interpret the elegance and beauty of eight precious marbles.




3_Supergres_cat_STONETRACKStonetrack is a completely unabsorbent, anti-slip porcelain stoneware series that is also resistant to thermal shock and corrosion. It’s the perfect cladding for terraces, verandas and pathways. Its elegant graphics reproduce the effect of natural stones. It is available in a variety of sizes, and comes in 20mm thicknesses (ideal as a replacement for pavers) as well as a soft-touch finish. Trim tiles are also available.



The perfect solution to clad outdoor areas of residential and commercial venues. The Supergres T20 range allows for a multitude of installation options, including installation onto polypropylene supports (for terraces, balconies and wherever it is necessary to have flooring that is easy to inspect or remove); installation onto grass and gravel substrates; or traditional adhesive installation. T20 has high anti-slip resistance for outdoor areas and swimming pool edges.



2_Supergres_cat_LAKE-STONELakestone is a ceramic product inspired by the natural stone mined for over 400 years from the heart of the English Lake district. Shaped by natural forces over long periods of time, this natural stone is characterised by discontinuous but harmonious patterns and colours. Lakestone combines the aesthetic features of this ageless material with the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware. It reproduces the nuances, details and natural inclusions of the stone in a modern, functional ceramic material and is suitable for both residential and commercial areas.


French Mood

When naturalstone becomes ceramic, it can meet the many demands of contemporary life. French Mood reproduces 4 natural stones with different aesthetic and chromatic properties (Pierre Bleue, beige Burgundy, ivory Burgundy, and grey Hainaut stone quarried in the Ardennes), in a porcelain stoneware product offering a superior technical performance, and a practical and functional surface that is not affected by the passing of time. Available in different shapes and finishes (natural and textured for outdoors), the French Mood project completes the Stonework series with the addition of warm colours (even the pierre bleue chosen has warm, not bluish, tones).