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Established in Fiorano Modenese in 1968 in the heart of ceramic tiles’ district in Sassuolo, Ceramica Colli means design and quality of products.


Special attention is paid to the quality of raw materials used and to technological development in order to achieve the highest aesthetic results.


Today Ceramica Colli boasts an exclusive range of tiles for floors and wall. Their huge variety of lines means they are able to satisfy any need – colour, finish, style and size. Ceramica Colli tiles can furnish all the rooms of your home – living room, kitchen or bathroom – as well as public areas, offices, hotels, shops etc.


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When craftsmanship inspires ceramics, Fes is created, a collection that combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. The decorative art typical of Morocco suggests the union between the eight neutral solid colours and the geometric decorations that can be combined as desired, creating ever repetitive patterns thanks to the play of colours on the glossy and irregularly coloured surface in the 5″x5″.



The Byron collection is based on the most precious marbles, with beautiful veinings and a sympathetic colour range for lively and sumptuous living spaces. The vibrant depth and veins are intensified with an antique effect to give a vintage allure. Chromatic ranges develop from the classic Apuano to the delicate Calacatta through the harmonious veins of the Bardiglio and the variability of the green Alpi, up to the decisive contrast on the Marquinia. The expressiveness of these noble stones can be further enriched with a wide range of mosaics that harmonise the tones of the marble to create contemporary
spirit inlays.


The marble… reinterpreted and modernized:
Scot is the result of research into this noble material. Different types of marble were developed for each colour and then every type of surface was created ad hoc. Scot is a rich blend of graphics and decors.



Colli_WOW_thumbThey don’t call them Wow for nothing! These beautiful rectified full body porcelain wood-look tiles are an absolutely stunning way to create a modern, eclectic style in any room or office. Available in a variety of styles and in winter and autumn colours, the Wow range will really stop you in your tracks.