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The NovaBell brand is inextricably intertwined with the name of the Bellei family. Founder Silvio Bellei, first became a prominent figure on the Italian ceramic scene in the '50s and was involved in the development of some of the most influential companies in the sector.

In 1988 Silvio Bellei founded NovaBell, ploughing into it all his experience, know-how and values. The company creates ceramic floor and wall coverings for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms - and countless imaginative solutions for commercial, retail and public spaces..

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1 Novabell-Tribeca A beautiful soft-look, full-body coloured porcelain stoneware which is reminiscent of industrial cement floors. It is available in six modern colours, four sizes and three different finishes. The non-slip finish can be used outdoors for creating continuity and flow between interior and exterior spaces. Plain textured tiles can be used for floors and walls alike for decoration.
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Tribeca 20mm

trb46rt20mm Available in three colours, these sturdy 20mm versions of the soft-look, matt Tribeca range provide the ability to lay outdoors on a variety of substrates and provide a continuity between the internal and external.
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Eco Dream

3 NUB-Eco dream-cat Eco appeal and hi-tech soul. Eco Dream porcelain stoneware gives the warmth of wood and the practicality of ceramics technology - a perfect combination for a cosy and carefree home. The many finishes and extreme contrasts allow you to create a dynamic and natural effect.
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My Space

Myspace bamboo This range of porcelain stoneware mimics the natural appeal of timber but provides you almost endless flexibility. Choose from a huge array of natural or modern colours in a wide variety of sizes and finishes with the option of anti-slip treatment where required.
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Novabell tribeca Muffin60x60 20mm